Diaper essentials

Diapers will be part of your baby's wardrobe for about two and a half years. Whether you choose disposable or washable diapers, you will opt your decision that corresponds to your values, needs and to your baby's skin.

Disposable diapers contain crystals that convert the urine into a safe gel and separate it from the stools. This eliminates the mix of the urine and fecal matter that can irritate your baby's skin. Some scented disposable diapers can also irritate the skin. If this happens, consider a different brand.


  • TIP: Washable diapers can be less costly than disposable diapers in the long term, but your initial investment will be higher.

    There is a wide choice of washable diapers available that are easy to use, clean and that fit your baby's bottom well.

    Washable cloth diapers are less absorbent than disposable diapers so they have to be changed more often to avoid skin irritation. Some brands of washable diapers offer a more absorbent, nighttime diaper or a second, absorbent layer you can insert in the diaper.


  • Your baby's diaper is one of the closest item to her skin. With every movement throughout the day it rubs against her delicate skin causing potential to irritation. Protect your baby in every changing with natural and organic baby diaper products. If you have a sensitive skin angel in your hands. Deesbabyshop recommends the all natural baby diapers for all children of all sizes from newborn to toddlers.

    Tip: To keep the diapers in good condition, its important to follow the manufacturer's directions carefully. For example, some suggest you soak them before washing, while others do not.


  • -Roll up the sleeves, then reach through and gently pull your baby's hands through. Its a lot easier than trying to shove from the other side.

    Buy pants or overalls whose legs snap open. Some manufacturers make baby clothes that are absolutely beautiful but impossible to put on or off. The snap-open legs also make diaper changing much easier because you don't have to remove the whole outfit to access the diaper. -Forget the clothes and keep her in nightgowns, but make sure you get the kind with elastic at the bottom and not string, which can be a choking hazard. -If your baby does not walk yet, she doesn't need shoes. Confining your baby's feet in a hard pair of shoes all day long can actually damage her bones. -Once your baby reaches her walking milestone, start with soft base shoes.

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    Whether you wash your baby with a washcloth or in a tub here are a few tips to consider before selecting their first bath tub.

    When you bath your newborn, hold her head supporting her neck with your forearm and sliding your hand under her armpit. -Clean baby's face first with a wet washcloth (without soap) While cleaning her eyes from the inside corner and then towards the outside corner. To avoid any dirt spreading, use a different corner of the washcloth for each eye. Most babies are covered in Vernix at birth(a white paste that protects their skin in the amniotic fluid. This paste is reabsorbed within a few days so you don't need to rub it off.


    It is not always necessary to buy a breast pump. However many mothers nowadays prefer to use one. Before choosing your breast pump. Consider the following factors: -Manual breast pumps;

    -Various types of electric breast pumps, including some that allow you to express milk from both breasts at the same time .


    -A poor quality breast pump may hurt you or reduce your milk production;


    -Choose a breast pump that allows for 60 to 70 sucking movements or cycles per minute so that it imitates as closely as possible the rhythm and strength of your baby's sucking;

    Breast Pump Medela Symphony How to Use.

    Also, a good breast pump should: -be leak proof and maintain proper suction - fit your nipples properly; -protect your nipples by avoiding suction that is too strong or prolonged; -create and release suction at 60 to 70 cycles per minute; - be comfortable and not tire your hand.



  • Top value baby carriers

    Babies like to be snuggled up next to their father or mother, even when taking a walk. Baby carriers (front pouches,backpacks, or slings) are convenient, and your body heat when walking creates a motion that helps your little one to sleep. When choosing a baby carrier, certain precautions must be taken to avoid injuries:

    -Read the manufacturer's instructions to ensure the baby carrier is right for your size and for your baby's age and weight.

    -Adjust the straps to keep her head upright and her shoulders and back straight

    -Make sure that her breathing is not constricted by clothing, a blanket, or the carrier's fasteners. Also make sure her chin is not resting against her chest and her face is not flat against you.

    -Dress your baby properly for colder weather, but make sure her clothes are not so tight that they cut off circulation. -Hold your baby when you bend over -Take extra care when going up and down the stairs -Don't use a baby carrier during activities where you could fall, for example, biking, walking or on slippery roads. -Do not use baby carrier when cooking, to avoid potential burns -Do not lie down or nap with your child while your infant is in the baby carrier.


    One of the most important everyday application as a starting parent is installing your first born car seat. It is a special moment when you choose your infant car seat as you realize the enormous responsibility before you. Most car seat safety experts note that the safest car seat, is the one you can properly use every time!

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