Pregnancy is certainly one of the most remarkable life changing events. For mothers and fathers it is gratifying and uniquely human experience full of excitement and promise. Although pregnancy comes with a host of questions, the least you want to worry about is not having all baby essentials to welcome your new baby. First and foremost,we make sure your baby arrives home safe and styling.

First Trimester of pregnancy Must Haves! 

Pregnancy changes from head to toe.

Women expect their bodies to change shape and grow when they are pregnant, but many expectant mothers are surprised to discover their feet change too. They are often more amazed to learn that such changes to their feet can be permanent. Before going out to shop for your next pair of shoes while pregnant. Make sure to have your feet professionally measured. You may discover you need to wear a completely different size or style of shoe.

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There has never been a more fashionable time to be pregnant. Gone are the days when pregnancy wardrobes were limited. Not only are today's maternity clothes a lot more interesting to look at and practical to wear, but pregnant women can supplement, mix and match to maximize the purchases with a variety of trendy items that they can continue to wear even after they get their shape back.

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Consider the following when you start your pregnancy fashion statement: -You still have a long way to grow. Don't go out on a shopping spree on your first day. Maternity clothes can be costly considering the relatively short period of time they can be worn. So buy as you grow and then buy only as much as you need.

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Your personal sense of style counts when you are pregnant too. So if you normally not into flowered maternity dresses, don't try to talk yourself in getting into hyper-feminine dresses. And depending on what the designers are showing in a particular season, you may love them now, but may love them less after a wear or two or even after postpartum and off they go packed away.

Don't hide it, flaunt it. A pregnant belly is something to celebrate. Most of today's maternity fashions accentuate belly wear with clingy fabrics and styles that actually slims your silhouette down rather then fattening you up. For example consider Low-cut jeans and pants that are stylish and comfortable, since they can be worn under your belly.

Among your most important accessories to wear are the ones the public ones will never see. A well-fitting supportive bra is vital during pregnancy. You will find that before nursing or not, a lot of maternity bras will give you the comfort and experience that you've never had before. I personally recommend bras with removable foam cups. You have the option of a thicker cup lining to hide the nipples and breast pads when you need it.

Avoid Hot fabrics such as nylon, polyester and other synthetic fabrics that are not breathable. As your belly grows you will find that your body heat is more apparent, making you warmer can increase your metabolic rate. Cool is in. Your best friend during pregnancy is cotton, not only you'll feel more comfortable, it will keep you cool in warm weather. Even when the weather turns cold, you can use cotton or other breathable fabrics in layers, since you can selectively peel off as you heat up or when you go indoors.


Cosmetics and Sunscreen

Most cosmetics (creams, makeup) can be used during pregnancy. Face cream, hand and body creams that do not contain any medicinal ingredients can be used safely. If you use a medicated cream, your doctor or pharmacist can check to see if you can continue using it while pregnant.

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You should use sunscreen when you go out in the sun. This is specially important during pregnancy because the sun can increase hyperpigmentation and pregnancy mask. Use a cream or lotion with an SPF (sun protection factor) of at least 30 that protects against UVA and UVB rays. Be specially careful to protect your face.

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Hair products and treatments including dyes,coloring shampoos, highlights, and perms are not dangerous to pregnant women or their unborn babies. However, if you use these products as part of your work,discuss the matter with your health professional.